My Everyday Health wanted to make it easier for their patients to connect their home health devices to Wi-Fi, cell phones, and tablet computers. They needed a reliable IoT provider that could help facilitate the transfer of patient data from their devices.


A reliable global network to support a connected vehicle platform

  • Challenges

    My Everyday Health needed a secure network and reliable IoT provider that could make connecting at-home devices easier for patients and help facilitate the transfer of their data to their medical teams.

  • Results

    The company’s Bluetooth cellular hub effortlessly connects patients’ medical devices and uploads vital signs to healthcare providers. It also documents patient compliance for better accountability in their care.

  • Solution

    The AT&T LTE-M and IoT networks provide secure connections for at-home medical devices, an expanded footprint for service, and easier connectivity and data transfer so patients can receive proper monitoring for their care.

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Making it easier for patients to use their smart health devices at home

Bluetooth cellular hub

About My Everyday Health

My Everyday Health – or – is a joint venture with Greater Goods and its overseas manufacturing partner. The company focus is to improve home healthcare by enabling patients to use medical devices such as blood pressure monitors more easily.

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