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The Eric Ryan Corporation simplified its help desk operations with Enhanced Transport Service, which delivers comprehensive network support and helps streamline operations. One phone call provides the technical resources ERC clients need.

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Immediate, dedicated support and rapid response keep outages to a minimum

  • Challenges

    Many ERC clients do not have fulltime IT / telecommunications support at each property. ERC wanted to give its clients the tools to manage their internet and telephone connections to promote maximum guest satisfaction.

  • Results

    ERC support teams can now connect quickly with a specialist, who can help with an outage or other problems ERC clients have. Quick response and resolution times have led to saved time and money.

  • Solution

    Enhanced Transport Service (ETS) from AT&T Business offers proactive alarm monitoring to keep outages to a minimum. It also supports prompt support and responsive solutions to manage any network interruptions.

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Giving clients the network technical support to succeed

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About Eric Ryan Corporation

The Eric Ryan Corporation (ERC) has become one of the nation’s largest full service, B2B utility and telecommunications management and consulting firms. The company regularly wins more than 80% of the requests for proposal (RFPs) on which it bids.

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