Demeter Corporation needed technical support for its office computers and other equipment, and a way to protect its important financial data.


Agriculture leader Demeter Corporation grows its operations

  • Challenges

    As a small business, Demeter has a very lean staff. The company’s full-time employees are responsible for all aspects of its operations, from its extensive farming duties to purchasing, payroll, and other necessary administrative processes. 

  • Results

    AT&T Tech360SM helps keep the company’s equipment virtually in peak condition by providing on-demand, remote IT services, and Backup and Go helps safeguard vital information in a highly secure Cloud environment.  

  • Solution

    AT&T Tech360SM gives the company access to a 24/7 virtual IT department. Backup and Go backs up the company’s important files by automatically saving copies in the Cloud.

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Office management in the digital age

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About Demeter

For more than 3 decades the Demeter Corporation has operated successful rice farms in Rio Linda, California. Without an IT specialist on staff, employees struggled to keep their computers, phones, and other office equipment running well.

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