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As Birkey’s Farm Store has grown and its workforce has become more mobile, the company worked to keep network infrastructure and applications up to date. Birkey’s wanted to upgrade security to protect network, endpoints, and mobile devices.


Staying ahead of cybercriminals’ relentless attacks on business networks

  • Challenges

    Birkey’s Farm Store, with 17 retail stores in Illinois and Indiana employing more than 400 people, needed to protect the company against the myriad of cyberthreats to their network, endpoints, and mobile devices. 

  • Results

    The solution provided improved threat visibility and precise control. Multiple layers of security helped ensure that the infrastructure was covered, endpoints were protected, and staff could safely perform tasks on mobile devices.

  • Solution

    Birkey’s uses SentinelOne® from AT&T to protect endpoints, AT&T Cybersecurity to detect and defuse threats, and MobileIron Blue from AT&T to protect mobile assets. These deliver effective security, reduce complexity, and provide peace of mind.

AT&T Solutions

Collaborate effectively with network solutions from AT&T


Providing agriculture and construction equipment for farming

A red farm tractor with an attached shovel and big black wheels parked outside on the grass in a lot with other equipment.

About Birkey’s Farm Store

Birkey’s supports precision agriculture with equipment that helps farmers plant, raise, and harvest crops. Cybersecurity solutions from AT&T helped protect their network, endpoints, and mobile devices, enabling Birkey’s staff to serve customers worry free.
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