Fast casual restaurant owner ATQI beefs up its networks to manage rapid growth with connectivity, security, and communications services from AT&T Business.


Fast, reliable connectivity, and security to support growing business

  • Challenges

    ATQI’s steady growth stressed the voice and data networks of its locations. Delivering adequate bandwidth to support the restaurants’ security, point-of-sale, and other business functions was an ongoing challenge.

  • Results

    Blazing fast fiber internet at an affordable price delivers low latency, better performance, and high reliability. A cloud-based phone system fully integrated with office phones and wireless devices boosts efficiency. And security defends the network.

  • Solution

    AT&T Business Fiber delivers some of the fastest internet speeds available today. AT&T Office@Hand provides voice, fax, text, and audio and video conferencing. And AT&T DNS Security Advanced serves the first line of cyber defense.

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Fast casual dining in the heartland

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About ATQI

ATQI manages 9 fast casual dining franchises in Kansas and Missouri—and it’s growing fast. 

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