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AT&T Managed Network Security provides what your business needs to help protect and connect your users, data, and applications on premises, remotely, or in the cloud.

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Unparalleled visibility into network traffic trends and cybersecurity threats

  • One vendor to help connect and protect your modern network    


    AT&T offers customized solutions to meet the connectivity and security needs of your business including dedicated or commodity internet, SD-WAN, and managed network protection.

  • Your trusted network security advisor


    AT&T Cybersecurity offers a wide range of consulting services that can help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your network or to develop a comprehensive security strategy and roadmap to support business initiatives.

  • Predictable and affordable


    AT&T managed network security allows businesses to modernize their network security without cost-prohibitive capital investments. Monthly expenses can be forecasted, helping to make it easier to meet budget, often at significantly lower cost than managing in-house.

  • Unparalleled expertise


    With over 1,000 cyber defense professionals, eight security operations centers across the globe, and 670 billion flows on network analyzed each day, you can rest easy knowing that your network is being monitored 24x7 by some of the most informed cybersecurity professionals in the industry.

  • Visibility and compliance


    AT&T Managed Network Security provides visibility into what’s happening on your network, as well as reports that demonstrate your company’s commitment to safeguarding customer privacy and working toward regulatory compliance

  • Security that grows with your business


    AT&T Managed Network Security easily scales as your business expands, completes acquisitions, or adopts new business initiatives.


Products and services

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AT&T Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-delivered, unified protection across users and devices.

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AT&T Secure Remote Access

Give employees precise access to the applications and data required to work from anywhere.

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AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet

Built-in security at the WAN edge with industry- leading performance.

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AT&T SASE with Palo Alto Networks

A new approach to networking and security for today’s modern business.

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Network Based Firewalls

Cloud-based firewall providing continuous inspection and treatment of internet traffic.

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Premises Based Firewalls

Keep unwanted traffic out and vital data in with a premises-based firewall, a fully managed solution.

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Reactive Distributed Denial of Service Def

Cloud-based monitoring and mitigation service to help protect against DDoS attacks.

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AT&T Application Layer Security

A managed security service for premises-based DDoS protection.

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Secure Access Service Edge Solution of the Year

AT&T Cybersecurity Winner Of "Secure Access Service Edge Solution of the Year" in 2021 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards Program.

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Exploring a Managed Services Approach to SASE

In this analyst report, learn about the varied SASE approaches and resulting market confusion, the anticipated security and business advantages of SASE, and the benefits of working with a managed service provider for your SASE instrumentation.

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Assessment of AT&T Cybersecurity by Forrester®

Midsize and enterprise organizations that want a traditional SIEM and prefer MSSPs that own IP, versus those that partner, should put AT&T Cybersecurity on their shortlist.

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Cover of the Forrester Wave PDF


Learn more about how to defend your network, data, and devices

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