Secure your future with mobile-first collaboration tools

by Kimberly Munsell, Lead Product Marketing Manager

Every business has either had to pivot and become a hybrid, work-from-anywhere workplace or is keenly aware that it may be needed. You may have discovered by now that it needs to be easy to connect employees in the office to those working remotely. You know how important it is for collaboration tools like email, calendars, conferencing, and messaging to work together. AT&T Office@Hand gives you the tool you need.

If you’ve had to get remote workers connected quickly and securely, you know that smooth and near seamless integration into day-to-day collaboration and with customers is a priority. And if you haven’t, you’ve watched as other companies have struggled. You want to make sure that your wise planning… or good luck, keeps  your communications and collaboration connected, flowing smoothly, and agile for needed changes. AT&T Office@Hand can help. It gives you a single platform that unifies all of your collaboration tools.

Collaboration has always been fundamental to achieving business goals, and that’s still true. What’s changing is how we collaborate. If you’ve adopted a hybrid workforce model, are planning to, or want to be prepared to if it’s needed, you know that successful collaboration doesn’t depend on where you are. It’s more important that you can connect dispersed teams of people seamlessly. For collaboration to work in today’s hybrid workplaces, you need to adopt an agile, mobile-first approach.

What does “mobile first” mean for agility?

What does “mobile first” mean? It’s prioritizing mobile development, design, and use over the desktop experience. It provides a more streamlined experience that works on all devices. This has become more relevant for today’s hybrid workforce since more work is performed on phones and tablets. Even tasks that were once focused on desktop are now available through applications on mobile devices.

Mobile first also means moving work from the data center to the cloud. It’s adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) to use tools and applications more efficiently and take advantage of evolving technologies.

A mobile-first approach helps make you more agile. With the right solutions for your business, your communications and collaboration experience can be fast and reliable no matter the device you’re using. Video conferences and tasks can flow easily so your teams can plan, produce, and respond to moment-to-moment tasks.

Simplify with cloud-based collaboration tools

AT&T Office@Hand is a cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution that makes the most of a mobile first approach to communication. It showcases voice, fax, text messaging, collaboration tools, and audio and video conferencing in a single platform so your workforce can be productive wherever they are. AT&T Office@Hand is delivered through voice over internet protocol (VoIP)—your business internet connection. This makes it more flexible and robust than traditional phone systems. For example, you can integrate top collaboration tools from Microsoft, Salesforce, and others into one platform.

For your workforce that means less opening and closing apps, toggling between them, and trying to make disparate applications work together. You can also more easily view and better understand your communications ecosystem in a cost-effective way. Ultimately, this can add up to more productivity, a better customer experience, and may even contribute to higher employee retention. Happier employees mean happier customers… and a more polished and professional look for your business.

Download our eBook, “Future-proof Your Network” and learn how AT&T Office@Hand can help your hybrid workforce collaborate better and create a foundation for your future mobile-first business.