Connecting Pharma

How AT&T solutions are helping today's pharmaceutical and life science companies improve operations and pioneer life-changing innovations.

  • Big Data and AI

    65% of industry leaders believe Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) will have the biggest technological impact in 2020.¹

  • Cloud

    83% of Pharma uses cloud technology today. Strong cloud infrastructure can help improve the integrity of data.⁴

  • Cybersecurity

    Data security and privacy is a huge concern in healthcare, with 510 major breaches in 2019.²

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  • Blockchain

    71% of Pharma leaders say they are investing in blockchain as an emerging technology for supply chain automation.¹

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  • 5G, IoT, collaboration

    55% of physicians expect greater use of remote clinical tools such as wearables, smart sensors, and devices post COVID-19.³

Pharma industry challenges

From declining R&D returns to rising costs

  • Research and development

    Declining R&D returns, delays in clinical trial recruitment, and increasing regulatory hurdles.

  • Plant and distribution

    Inaccurate demand forecasting, product tracking, and authentication, and a rise in drug counterfeiting.

  • Marketing and sales

    Rising healthcare costs; pricing, reimbursement, and market access; and patient expiry for biologics and small molecules.

AT&T solutions

For research and development

Today’s connected Pharma organizations are taking advantage of digital and network transformation to speed up development of new treatments.

Solutions Description
Never leave your private network when connecting to cloud-based research data and applications.
Conduct virtual clinical trials. Collaborate internally and externally with research staff, clinicians, patients, and others.
Clinicians need solutions to monitor data on remote-trial patients and use content to ease discomfort.
Use digital signage to bring data to life, helping keep employees informed and engaged.
Defend intellectual property as your ecosystem grows larger and more complex.

AT&T solutions

For plant and distribution

Our connectivity capabilities—including 5G/LTE-M, Wi-Fi®, and in-building solutions—provide the robust platform needed for digital transformation in Pharma manufacturing.

Solutions Description
Help increase customer satisfaction by providing near-real-time visibility into delivery status of purchases.
Help reduce plant costs and enhance product quality with predictive maintenance.
Deliver low latency, highly reliable network performance, and increased privacy and security for asset tracking, robotics,
and factory floor.
Monitor material and product conditions using IoT devices for cold chain temperature control and counterfeit prevention.
Improve field efficiency with mobile devices and business applications designed to meet staff needs.
Maximize bandwidth for IoT devices while maintaining security and reliability.

AT&T solutions

For marketing and sales

Connect employees with clinicians and integrate resources with cloud-based applications, AR and VR data visualization, voice and collaboration solutions, and remote-access resources to provide greater flexibility and information access.

Solutions Description
Equip sellers to connect to cloud-based data and applications to share with clinicians offsite.
Gain macro insights on patient/clinician data to drive analytics-based marketing and sales.
Access and manage network applications more efficiently as you connect siloed environments.
Help employees easily engage with clinicians in other locations, and enhance the customer experience by reducing response time to queries.
Enable high-bandwidth access for remote teams; make it easier for remote workers to train and keep up with compliance requirements.

AT&T solutions

For the COVID-19 vaccine

Increased monitoring at every stage of production and transportation, from location tracking to temperature and cold storage monitoring, for continuous visibility on environmental condition.

Solutions Description
Monitor patients and their vitals (i.e., temperature, blood pressure) between and after vaccine doses; connect them to telehealth care, if needed. 

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