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AT&T Business delivers the right insights, guidance, and highly secure solutions to help you connect your factory environment, simplify your supply chain, enable your digital transformation, and make your business more resilient.

Manufacturing solutions

Delivering solutions – such as AT&T Business Fiber®, Internet of Things, and AT&T 5G® – to connect your factory, optimize your supply chain, and enable your digital transformation

Creating the smart factory of the future… today

Maximizing operational efficiency, from your suppliers to your customers

Helping your manufacturing business achieve its full potential

Serving every facet of the industry

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The factory of the future

AT&T Business and WBR Insights surveyed 57 leaders in discrete manufacturing about their technology priorities as they build the factory of the future. Find out their pain points, priorities, and more.

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The pressures of production

AT&T Business and WBR Insights asked 60 leaders in process manufacturing about their technology priorities as they build the factory of the future. 

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Consumer packaged goods

Helping your company meet consumer demands

  • AT&T Multi-Access Edge Computing

    AT&T MEC is an on-premises solution that brings the power of our LTE and 5G networks to help deliver newfound levels of intelligence, control, reliability, security, and speed to your local network processing architecture.

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  • AT&T 5G

    With new capabilities coming, 5G not only enhances a growing “smart” ecosystem for businesses, but it will also continue to enhance and complement future networking technologies.

  • Voice and collaboration solutions

    Communication effectively, reduce costs, and improve productivity by combining voice, video, and conferencing in easy-to-use tools

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  • Internet of Things

    We can help you realize the promise of the Internet of Things and navigate the intricacies to quickly build your IoT solution. 

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Enabling the future of manufacturing

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Helping USG Boral deliver innovation to customers

AT&T IoT and network integration experts teamed to create a custom solution. It accounted for international roaming restrictions and strict regulations, and featured IoT tracking devices, a tracking and reporting portal, and help desk support.
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