AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks

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What is AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks?

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AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks is a cloud-delivered solution that implements app-defined, autonomous SD-WAN capabilities natively with integrated security to connect branch offices, data centers and campus sites. AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks allows you to tailor how your Internet applications fail over, which can help all mission-critical applications perform at their optimal level.

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  • Application Control

    Unique profiles enabling path health quality, SaaS application path monitoring, error correction and traffic distribution by application for better user experience

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning and Deployment

    Simplify network deployments with automatic configuration and device claiming

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  • Autonomous Operations

    Leverage APIs that simplify and automate network operations utilizing machine learning (ML) and proven data science methodologies

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  • Application Performance Visibility

    Visibility into application performance and identification of the root cause of performance issues

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  • Connectivity Optimization

    Allows to measure and monitor specific paths and dynamically move sessions to the optimal path with intelligent traffic steering, visibility and control that extends from branch to cloud

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    Complete SASE solution that protects your infrastructure with continuous security monitoring, consistent security enforcement and capabilities across the entire threat landscape

Why AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks?

AT&T SD-WAN with Palo Alto Networks simplifies enterprise connectivity by fully automating branch-to-cloud connectivity, while providing visibility into network and application performance to ensure application resilience.

Solution components

  • Instant-On Network (ION) Devices

    ION devices come in both hardware and software form factors to meet the needs of nearly any location and deployment scenario

  • Bandwidth Subscription Options

    Subscriptions: 25 mbps, 50 mbps, 150 mbps, 250 mbps, 500 mbps, 1 G, 2.5 G, Data Center

  • Cloud-Controller

    Included with software subscription


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