AT&T Corporate Briefing Program

The AT&T Corporate Briefing Program delivers customized experiences focused on empowering YOUR business. Either virtually or onsite at one of our centers, learn how to gain a competitive advantage through in-depth discussions with our executives and thought leaders.


Invest in your business' success

See how to gain visibility and control across your business

  • Enjoy an immersive experience: Share your business challenges with us, so we can customize your experience. We’ll help you uncover new ways of thinking about solutions and digital transformation.


    Learn new solutions to real-world business challenges: Your experience will consist of interactive demos, in-depth discussions with experts, and use cases that resonate with your specific business needs. Learn how emerging technologies can help you strategize for tomorrow’s world, today. 


    Create a roadmap for your company’s transformation: Discover what your business can achieve with the right technology, and we’ll help you design a plan to make it happen. Your experience will be transformative, and you'll leave with an actionable roadmap for success.


    Focused on your business needs:  Your experience begins before the day we meet. We customize each briefing to your specific areas of interest. Your briefing will include in-depth discussions with experts and executives, as well as cutting edge product demos that align with your business needs.


    Please contact your account team to schedule a briefing.

Briefing options

Fuel your business transformation


AT&T Executive Briefing Center (EBC) 
Dallas, Texas

At our flagship EBC located in our global headquarters, we'll put you in the center of the Gallery with the Cube. This immersive environment features engaging data visualizations and multi-sensory experiences to explore topics that interest you. Plan your briefing today.
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AT&T Forum for technology, entertainment and policy.

AT&T Forum for Technology, Entertainment and Policy

At our AT&T Forum for Technology, Entertainment & Policy in the heart of Washington D.C., we showcase the intersection of technology and entertainment, serving for a place of rich dialogue among communities, business, and organizations. From the rooftop lounge with views of the Capitol to the café and meeting rooms, there is space for everyone. Contact your account representative to plan your visit today.

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Virtual briefing center welcome desk

Virtual Briefing Center

Our Virtual Briefing Center brings all the elements of an onsite experience together through an enhanced digital environment. When you arrive, interact with our Digital Tech Showcase to explore industry-specific solutions. Then, take a moment to engage with thought leaders in discussions in our virtual briefing room.

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