AT&T Corporate Briefing Program

Our Executive Briefing Center (EBC) or Corporate Briefing Center (CBC) delivers a customized experience focused on empowering YOUR business. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage through in-depth discussions with our executives and thought leaders.


Invest in your business' success

See how to gain visibility and control from edge to edge

  • Enjoy an immersive experience

    Share your business challenges with us, so we can customize your experience. We’ll help you uncover new ways of thinking about solutions and digital transformation. 

  • Learn new solutions to real-world business challenges

    Your visit will consist of interactive demos, in-depth discussions with experts that matter to your business, and use cases that resonate with your specific business needs. Learn how emerging technologies can help you strategize for tomorrow’s world, today.

  • Create a roadmap for your company’s transformation

    Discover what your business can achieve with the right technology, and we’ll help you design a plan to make it happen. Your visit will be transformative, and you'll leave with an actionable roadmap for success. 


Two destinations to fuel your business transformation


AT&T Executive Briefing Center (EBC) 
Dallas, Texas

At our flagship EBC at our global headquarters, we’ll put you in the center of the Gallery with the Cube – an ultra-high definition, interactive canvas featuring stunning data visualizations and multi-sensory features. As part of the Gallery experience, you can explore topics and drill deeper into solutions that interest you. Plan your visit today. 
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AT&T Corporate Briefing Center (CBC)
Bedminster, New Jersey

The CBC is co-located with our AT&T Global Network Operations Center. Discover what edge-to-edge technologies and harnessing near-real-time data from every corner of your business can help you achieve. Come to see what is possible, and then let’s make a plan to make it happen.
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