Solacom Guardian Call Handling Solutions

Transform your PSAP with a Next Generation 9-1-1 Call Handling solution from AT&T. Today, thousands of agencies – from dense urban environments to statewide deployments—trust Solacom with streamlined 9-1-1 call handling and management processes that enable more efficient collection of critical information in emergency situations. 

Features and highlights

  • feature icon Solacom - a recognized leader in public safety innovation.
  • feature icon Integrated 9-1-1 call display and handling - from Guardian Map.
  • feature icon Flexible user interface - for voice, data, and video communications.
  • feature icon Integrated TXT-to-9-1-1 - with send and receive capabilities.
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Features and benefits

Streamline 9-1-1 call handling and management processes

Features Benefits
Work with a leader Solacom Guardian is purpose-built for 9-1-1 call handling and regarded as one of the most flexible, user-centric voice, data, and video emergency call management solutions for PSAPs. 
Clearly locate and map emergency calls Guardian Map, with RapidSOS NG9-1-1 Clearinghouse data, gives call takers immediate access to location data—regardless of how the call comes in. 
Integrated Text-to-9-1-1 Guardian integrates Text-To and Text-From-9-1-1 capabilities into the call control system, enabling full-featured SMS functionality as well as pre-scripted outbound text customization.
Route with greater flexibility Built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution with skills-based routing improves response speed and efficiency.
Advanced MIS Guardian’s integrated call logging, tracking and reporting application supports all i3 logging specifications and standards with built-in, customizable report templates and much more.
Smarter partner AT&T’s unrivaled 9-1-1 experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you modernize to Solacom Guardian call handling. 


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