Private LTE for Utilities

Prioritize network usage with a new level of visibility and control, as this enables near real-time decision making about grid configurations, outage restoration, system maintenance, and more.


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  • Proven network

    Leverage the investment AT&T and the cellular industry have built by utilizing the same LTE technology that powers the AT&T commercial network.

  • Redundancy

    AT&T commercial LTE service can be utilized for fallback to help ensure higher levels of reliability and business continuity. 

  • Mission critical

    Lower latency to support mission critical utility distribution applications that require near real-time communications over standards-based LTE technologies.

  • Deployment flexibility

    The utility’s LTE network enables the deployment of multiple grid applications.

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Private LTE for Utilities

Leverage the power of a dedicated private LTE network, built for utility companies.

Private LTE for Utilities

Key features

Features Details
Ease of use Capital investment will enable utilities to consolidate multiple disparate networks into one LTE network to help lower total cost of ownership.
Bandwidth and spectrum 6MHz of dedicated bandwidth capable of meeting most operational needs with dedicated 2.3 GHz spectrum helps minimize interference from other sources, including rapidly proliferating IoT devices operating on unlicensed spectrum.
End-to-end A utility owned network management system can monitor and control all components of the private LTE network from end-to-end, including network performance, data prioritization, security, edge devices, SIM cards, and more.


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