Intrado VIPER® 9-1-1 Call Handling System

Transform your PSAP with a Next Generation 9-1-1 Call Handling solution from AT&T. VIPER 9-1-1 from Intrado is a reliable system with groundbreaking features your PSAP needs to help improve situational awareness, response times as well as public safety outcomes. Drive efficiency with an end-to-end, IP-based platform that streamlines voice and data calls. 

Features and highlights

  • feature icon Faster incident response - MapFlex 911® locates callers quickly.
  • feature icon Groundbreaking technology - offers pathway to i3-compliant, NG9-1-1 data.
  • feature icon Advanced reporting and analysis - with ECaTS® based Power Metrics™.
  • feature icon TXT29-1-1® - receive and initiate SMS and MMS messaging.
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Features and benefits

A flexible solution that’s simple, scalable, and user-centric

Features Benefits
IP-based and i3 compliant VIPER provides the foundation for i3-compliant NG9-1-1 applications yet continues to support your legacy network and operations environment.
Advanced reporting VIPER features tools that helps increase operational effectiveness by creating actionable reports from your MIS.
Prepared for everything VIPER provides enhanced disaster recovery through a versatile and fault-tolerant, IP-based platform that can alternate call routing during disaster situations or periods of high call volume.
Quickly identify call origins Power Locate® identifies origination of dropped, abandoned or mis-routed calls.
Power Station Gen 3™  Use the call handling CAD-ready black box with small footprint hardware designed to replace bulky backroom servers.
TXT29-1-1® SMS and MMS messaging and text integration and initiation through our intuitive interface. 
Smarter partner AT&T’s unrivaled 9-1-1 experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you modernize to Intrado VIPER call handling. 


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