AT&T FlexWare

A network virtualization solution that allows businesses to deploy multiple network functions on a single device while replacing traditional purpose-built hardware and turning network functions into software instances.


Smart networking: AT&T FlexWare helps reduce space, electricity usage and emissions.

AT&T FlexWare can enable annual energy savings by putting common network functions on one device. Find out how (PDF).


Features and options

Explore AT&T FlexWare features and options that fit your business

AT&T FlexWare
AT&T FlexWare
Eliminate the need to buy individual devices.
Universal Customer Premise Equipment (uCPE)
Small and medium AT&T FlexWare℠ devices to mix and match and accommodate customers of all sizes and site-types, features, and options that fit your business.
Virtual Network Functions
An ever-growing library of AT&T-certified FlexWare Applications, from best of breed vendors, replacing traditional single purpose hardware with virtualized functions of SD-WAN, routing, firewall, and WAN optimization.
Connectivity options
AT&T FlexWare provides highly secure, flexible, carrier-agnostic options for your networking, including: MPLS/global networking Internet/Ethernet TDM
AT&T FlexWare is available in over 200 countries and territories, subject to conditions.
Whether customers want a fully managed solution, or to maintain a high-level of control, FlexWare can accommodate.
Explore all features

AT&T FlexWare and Follett Corporation

AT&T FlexWare helps Follett Corporation make the grade when it comes to helping students and schools succeed.

Read the customer story (PDF)

AT&T Business Center

Access and manage your Flexware service online 24/7.

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Explore potential benefits for your business

  • Speed

    Quickly deploy and configure.

  • Simplicity

    Network infrastructure and management.

  • Cost efficiencies

    Competitive total cost of ownership.

  • Reliability

    Redundancy and security options.

  • Customizable

    Mix and match locations with solutions, platforms, and devices.

  • Scalable

    Future ready your investment as your business evolves.


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Frost & Sullivan awards AT&T for Product Leadership, Enterprise NFV-based Services Industry

Learn how AT&T FlexWare provides value to businesses of all sizes and excels in areas of adaptability and customization, product value, customer acquisition, and growth potential. 
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