AT&T FlexWare

A network virtualization solution that allows businesses to deploy multiple network functions in the cloud or on a single device while replacing traditional purpose-built hardware for each application.

Smart, green networking:

AT&T FlexWare helps reduce your carbon footprint - electricity usage and emissions while saving space.



What is AT&T FlexWare and how does it work?

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What is AT&T FlexWare?
AT&T FlexWare is a global network infrastructure solution that leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies to simplify network infrastructure and virtualize key network functions.

How does AT&T FlexWare work?
AT&T FlexWare allows businesses to deploy multiple network functions in the cloud or on a single device while replacing traditional purpose-built hardware for each application. With AT&T FlexWare, you have the ability to quickly deploy and easily manage multiple virtualized network functions, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain stacks of specialized proprietary equipment.

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Features and options

Explore AT&T FlexWare features and options that fit your business

Features Options
Universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) Flexible device options  supporting bandwidth up to 10G to accommodate customer needs for all their site-types.
Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) An ever-growing library of AT&T-certified FlexWare Applications (virtual network functions – VNFs), from best of breed vendors, Replacing traditional single purpose hardware with virtualized functions with multifunction VNFs capability, including SD-WAN, routing, firewall, and WAN optimization.
Multiple connectivity options AT&T FlexWare provides highly secure, flexible, carrier-agnostic options for your networking, including: MPLS, Fiber and wireless (LTE, 4G and 5G) broadband, Internet/Ethernet, TDM, and dedicated internet, switched ethernet on demand.
Flexible management options AT&T FlexWare offers flexible management options, whether you want a fully managed solution or the ability to manage yourself.
Global availability AT&T FlexWare is available in over 200 countries and territories, subject to conditions.

Software Define Your Enterprise WAN with Virtual Network Services

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Explore potential benefits for your business

  • Agility

    Continuous innovations from AT&T enables your business to transform and evolve

  • Speed

    AT&T service delivery quickly deploys and configures VNFs via the enhanced orchestration platform allowing faster test and turn up times

  • Simplicity

    Centralization of the network infrastructure and management for resource consolidation – less equipment and less IT complexity

  • Reliability

    Redundancy, high availability, and security options to keep you up and running, while keeping your data highly secure.

  • Flexibility

    Customizable solutions allowing you to mix and match sites with solutions, platforms, and devices.

  • Scalable

    Solutions designed to grow with your business


Learn more about AT&T FlexWare

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AT&T FlexWare Devices

Simplified hardware and cloud installations that can be mixed and matched across sites to meet your business needs.
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AT&T SD-WAN solutions can be delivered using the AT&T FlexWare Device and an SD-WAN virtual network function (VNF) from industry leading SD-WAN providers.

AT&T FlexWare is currently available globally in over 200+ countries and territories, subject to conditions.

Businesses of all sizes and different site types can benefit from AT&T FlexWare: small, medium and larger enterprise.

AT&T FlexWare can be implemented and deployed in as little as 30 business days, subject to conditions.

Yes, AT&T FlexWare can easily integrate with existing network infrastructure. It is also ideal for businesses that want to replace or update end-of-life equipment.




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