Caliber Public Safety Computer-Aided Dispatch

AT&T is ready to help you implement and deploy the proven Caliber Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution in your PSAP. With seamless interactivity, customizable workflows, dedicated GIS and more, Caliber’s on-premise solution can help improve response times and deliver greater positive public safety outcomes.

Features and highlights

  • feature icon Proven throughout the U.S. - in PSAPs and in the field.
  • feature icon Dedicated GIS - accurate maps offer unit availability for accelerated response.
  • feature icon Customizable interface - enables collaboration between first responders.
  • feature icon PocketCop® mobile tool - empowers with mission-critical tools.
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Features and benefits

Proven in PSAPs and the field

Features Benefits
Proven, field-tested and advanced Caliber’s hosted computer-aided dispatch solution helps improve response times and deliver positive public safety outcomes.
Greater interactivity  Greater interoperability between agencies, databases and jurisdictions offer edge-less data sharing. 
Full-spectrum dedicated GIS  Improved location intelligence pinpoints caller locations and available units with deep, local location data.
Customizable workflow  Reduce training time with user-friendly customizable software tailored to your workflows.
Online RMS Caliber’s Online Records Management System (RMS) deploys quickly to help you search and share incident data in your community, state, region—or across the country.
Smarter partner AT&T’s unrivaled 9-1-1 experience makes us uniquely qualified to help you modernize to Caliber CAD. 


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