What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management is the process of using software to monitor and manage employees’ use of mobile devices to conduct business while keeping the business’ information highly secure. These devices can be company-owned or employee-owned, and the MDM can be either premises-based or cloud-based. MDM tools are designed to promote productivity, policy compliance, and protection.


Use in the enterprise


Enterprises can install MDM software on their network and on all the mobile devices their employees use for work. A management portal allows managers to monitor all devices and enforce corporate policies regarding how the devices are used and what they may access. They can also turn off or disconnect devices.


MDM can enhance an enterprise’s productivity by making software deployment and management more efficient. MDM enables employees to work from virtually anywhere, on most mobile devices, which can fuel their productivity as individuals and teams while helping the enterprise to reduce its costs, risk, and downtime.


MDM works to keep sensitive business data, emails and documents highly secure, and it also keeps devices updated with the latest software and applications. Administrators can quickly lock down devices that are lost, stolen or being misused, or they can bar those devices’ access to the corporate network and disable them from accessing locally stored files and programs.


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