Caterpillar uses AT&T 4G LTE to stay connected

Providing customer support benefits for better operation of machines

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Caterpillar leverages the global presence of AT&T 4G LTE to network their products around the world. This inventory includes over 500 different models of products, from machines to engines in application, mining, construction, electrical power generation, marine, rail, and petroleum.

Caterpillar uses the connectivity provided for CAT Connect to proactively provide aftermarket support and product support to their customers.

“We rely on connectivity in order to run our business more effectively and efficiently every day," says Mak Mirahkimi, general manager of innovation and technology development at Caterpillar.

The connectivity enables them to monitor operators and see how they operate machines. They can then provide feedback to their customers to teach and train operators to better operate machines and get the most out of the products.

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