5G in sports: What the future holds for stadiums and venues

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by Melanie Sullivan, Sports and Entertainment Solutions, AT&T Business

The effects of COVID-19 continue to impact industries across the world, and the sports and entertainment industry is no different. Stadiums that once held tens of thousands have remained empty for months, and concerts and festivals have come to a halt. Even the spring’s biggest sporting event, the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, was ultimately cancelled, forgoing the event’s typical broadcast audience of 100 million and $1.32 billion in ad revenue.

While we’re all working toward a return to the normal of the pre-COVID world, it may be some time before we get there—if at all. As in other industries, the sports and entertainment sector is beginning to explore and adapt new models. In fact, venues, stadiums, and arenas are already looking into adapting to this new normal, seeking new ways to elevate and expand the fan experience. 

In our eBook “5G & Sports and Entertainment,” we explore the ways 5G stands to shape the future of arena-based entertainment. We delve into how stadiums can use 5G to enhance connectivity and help power new experiences like:

  • AR and VR attractions
  • Live in-game wagering
  • Live point-of-view player cameras
  • More immersive broadcast options
  • Improved in-stadium visitor amenities

We expect 5G to innovate and enhance the stadium experience. We’re working toward a world where 5G might enable fans to blend their physical experiences with virtual. Imagine fans getting up close and personal to victory celebrations through VR glasses connected to smartphones, or watching an instant replay in crystal clear, 360-degree video while in a private suite.

These innovative experiences are an important step toward the future of sports and entertainment, and can also serve as a crucial investment in these uncertain times, so you can evolve with agility.

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