Walsworth Properties

Walsworth Properties offer their tenants the historic charm of yesterday; AT&T Business Fiber gives them the network of tomorrow.



Supporting Walsworth tenants with data, apps, and cloud services

  • Challenges

    Frustrated by its slow and unreliable network, Walsworth Property Management sought a powerful, dependable solution that would better serve its business tenants

  • Results

    Tenants can conduct business virtually without interruption thanks to highly reliable throughput and consistent performance; managers can focus on their core responsibilities rather than troubleshooting network problems

  • Solution

    AT&T Business Fiber delivers high-speed connectivity services to support tenants’ data, applications, and cloud services

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Walsworth Properties offer their tenants the historic charm of yesterday


About Walsworth Property Management, Inc.

Walsworth Property Management is one of several real estate ventures owned by Michael Walsworth in West Monroe, Louisiana, an appealing southern enclave that once supported a thriving cotton industry. The crown jewel of the Walsworth properties is the Cotton Port Plaza Executive Suites, a group of offices housed in a historic church annex.
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"AT&T has blown the competition out of the water, and it all starts with their people. They take care of us because they truly believe in customer service."

Teresa Hicks
Property Manager, Walsworth Property Management, Inc.


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