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VieMed Healthcare provides equipment and home therapy for patients with respiratory disease. They now use tablets to improve patients’ quality of life by helping healthcare workers interact with patients more often, and they can monitor equipment virtually.

Patient meeting with medical professional on a tablet


Providing tablets and highly reliable connectivity to help improve medical care

  • Challenges

    For VieMed to deliver high quality home healthcare using the latest technology, they need highly reliable and secure connectivity, with fairly priced tablets and data plans. In-home service providers need to send vital medical data to physicians and therapists, automatically.

  • Results

    Connected tablets were essential for offering innovative patient programs. The result was better patient management, shorter hospital stays for patients, lower readmission rates, and reduced patient costs.

  • Solution

    AT&T Business provided tablets and connectivity to help healthcare providers better monitor patients with chronic pulmonary problems. Tablets are now used for telemedicine appointments, patient feedback, ventilator monitoring, educational videos, and connecting with other patients.

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Improving the quality of life for patients with respiratory diseases

Client using the VieMed site on their laptop

About VieMed Healthcare

Tablets monitor ventilators while helping patients stay engaged with their healthcare teams. Tablets are used for video meetings with the healthcare team, daily health checks, educational videos, and information about the best ways for patients to take care of themselves.
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