Multimodal transportation

Schneider is a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal, and logistics services. Its solutions include regional and long-haul trucking, warehousing, supply chain management, port logistics, and logistics consulting.


Driving innovation with 5G connectivity and virtual networking

  • Challenges

    Schneider launched The Grove, its new innovation center, to unleash creativity and potential. The building required cutting-edge technologies to further drive transformational innovation across Schneider’s supply chain and logistics ecosystem.

  • Results

    Lower latency plus speed of data flow. For example, with the innovative high-performance indoor radio system and AT&T’s C-band spectrum, Schneider can achieve consistent wireless download speeds approaching 1 gigabyte per second (Gbps). 

  • Solution

    AT&T On-Premises Cellular Network brings the power of cellular to the premises with 5G/LTE and the latest edge technologies. AT&T Switched Ethernet with Network on Demand connects two or more locations using a reliable, high-speed fiber network.

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Leading-edge tech propels transformational, transportational improvements

An orange Schneider tractor is parked in their Innovation Center with the latest technology like AT&T 5G and fiber.

About Schneider

The trucking industry leader began in 1935 when Al Schneider sold his family car to buy his first truck and start his company. Today the company generates $6.6 billion in annual revenue and more than 9.8 million freight miles traveled daily.

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