Decentralizing healthcare with LTE-M

OneCare, Inc. is a software/data collection company that empowers care, connections, data, and analytics. Their remote solutions provide patients, physicians, families, nursing homes, and hospitals with comprehensive health data.


IoT and LTE-M support remote healthcare capabilities

  • Challenges

    OneCare, Inc. needed a connectivity solution to support its innovative CareWatch, a wearable that sends medical data on remote patients to clinicians and caregivers in near-real time throughout the U.S. and eventually around the world.

  • Results

    The AT&T network gave clinicians and caregivers the ability to monitor the CareWatch wearer’s status and well-being in near-real time. The low-power wide-area network makes possible the device’s five-day battery life and always-on feature.

  • Solution

    The LTE-M low power wide-area network is optimized for compact Internet of Things (IoT) devices like the CareWatch and enables OneCare to transmit its critical health data to the cloud.

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Extending the reach of healthcare

Onecare building

About OneCare, Inc.

OneCare’s goal is to play an important role in the new "decentralized, connected care" space. The company has a suite of proprietary, patented, health and wellness-grade wearable monitoring technologies that extend the reach of caregivers.
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