Martin Retail Group (MRG) provides marketing services to about 4,000 automotive manufacturers and dealerships. With the onset of COVID, the ad firm needed to enable employees to work securely from remote locations.


Alabama advertising agency gains the tools to help employees work remotely

  • Challenges

    MRG’s success meant providing growing numbers of employees with the tools they needed to deliver great customer care. The onset of COVID created new challenges and called for quick action to equip all employees to work remotely.

  • Results

    A new suite of sophisticated tools enables enhanced productivity and collaboration. It also provides for the protection of sensitive data.

  • Solution

    MRG uses AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand and AT&T Secure Remote Access to improve connectivity. The ad firm uses AT&T Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne to protect computers and other devices against attacks.

AT&T Solutions

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One of the largest full-service ad agencies in the South

Advertising firm, Martin Retail Group, uses AT&T Business solutions allowing remote work to support their automotive customers.

About Martin Retail Group

Martin Retail Group’s customers include some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers and dealers. The organization is rooted in Martin Advertising, the largest advertising agency in Alabama.

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