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Luna Grill restaurant chain prepares healthy food based on Mediterranean and Persian dishes. Behind the scenes, the IT team knew that the recipe for network success was finding out the strengths and weaknesses of their cyber defenses.


Understanding network strengths and weaknesses against cyberthreats

  • Challenges

    Luna Grill’s IT team created a network security plan to defend against ever-evolving cyberthreats to information technology. They wanted to ensure they had done everything possible to safeguard their digital assets.

  • Results

    The team learned what it was doing right and what they should adjust. They now have a cybersecurity roadmap to guide them for the next few years.

  • Solution

    Cybersecurity consulting services provided a Risk-based Cyber Posture Assessment and Penetration Testing Service. The assessment featured interviews with the IT team and closely inspecting networks and procedures. Pen testing probed network defenses.

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On the menu: defending against ever-evolving cyberthreats

Aerial view of two white plates with gold trim full of food, three glasses, small cup saucer and a napkin on a white table.

About the Luna Grill

Luna Grill was founded in San Diego in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Sean and Maria Pourteymour to provide healthy dining options. The fast casual restaurant provides real food, crafted with care, that is always fresh and cooked to order.
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