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This growing financial institution needed to upgrade its cybersecurity for remote workers to effectively defend its network and sensitive data. It was able to optimize protection, improve its ability to grow with confidence, and ease pressure on IT staff.


A range of cybersecurity systems protect networks and sensitive data

  • Challenges

    Homestead Financial’s expansion—with its expanding network—was causing major cybersecurity headaches for the IT team. Employees who began working remotely during the pandemic lockdowns created additional security challenges for Homestead.

  • Results

    The solutions made an immediate difference. After constantly monitoring networks for abnormal behavior, the IT team can let the solution do the monitoring. And it all costs less than hiring a full-time employee to try and constantly monitor the network. 

  • Solution

    Vulnerability Scanning, Social Engineering, Security Awareness Training, and Penetration Testing from AT&T Cybersecurity; also the AlienApp for ZScaler, and AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR).


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About Homestead Financial

Homestead has been a trusted lender since 1998. It works to add value for its loan officers, staff, clients, realtors, and business partners. The company is growing fast as customers respond to the friendly and personal way of doing business.

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