Empowering remote patient care

A telemedicine group committed to serving remote patients during COVID-19 works with AT&T to build a highly reliable infrastructure that supports innovative remote care solutions.


Access Physicians and AT&T connectivity form a revolutionary telemedicine initiative

  • Challenges

    As the need for remote patient care rises due to COVID-19, health professionals seek a strong link between onsite clinicians, hospitalized patients, and physicians treating them remotely.

  • Results

    AT&T-powered tablet computers deliver dependable backup connectivity that enables potentially lifesaving telemedicine sessions to patients in remote areas.

  • Solution

    AT&T-powered tablets provide a highly reliable backup to the desktop computers that use hospital Wi-Fi to link patients with physicians. It gives the organization redundancy and peace of mind that its doctors can provide care even if hospital networks fail.

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Committed to clinical excellence through telemedicine

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About Access Physicians

Founded by physicians, Access Physicians is one of the largest providers of acute subspecialty telemedicine, deployed at hundreds of hospitals in 22 states. Its doctors have cared for patients in some of the hardest-to-serve healthcare environments.

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