eBook: 5G is a tremendous enabler of sustainability

by Chris Yates, Senior Lead Content Strategist

How does 5G help improve sustainability in manufacturing and transportation? Both industries offer tremendous opportunities for advances in sustainability. Did you know that a typical internal combustion engine produces 66 tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over the course of 200,000 miles of driving?1 Or that 54% of the world’s energy sources are consumed by the manufacturing sector?2

In this eBook, you’ll discover that research conducted by Texas A&M and Purdue universities reveal how 5G can benefit the transportation and manufacturing sectors—and by extension, other industries and the end users that rely on their products and services.

Sustainability is the process of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. It’s top of mind in virtually all industries today—especially in transportation and manufacturing. The opportunities for sustainability in these industries is because they’re major contributors to GHG emissions. The global transportation industry is the leading contributor. They’ve sharpened their focus on sustainability both in operations and as in the case for manufacturing, in the products they produce. Both industries are taking actions that will help them meet government regulations, align with decarbonization demands from consumers, and support energy-efficient, money-saving measures.

5G connectivity is emerging as a game-changing technology for organizations pursuing environmentally-friendly practices and policies. It’s designed to offer significant improvements in speed, latency, capacity, and network efficiency. These improved capacities are leading to new applications and use cases that promote innovations in sustainability.

The 5G studies summarized in this eBook reveal the mere tip of the iceberg in how 5G can positively impact our environment and business results. To learn more about how 5G can help your sustainability and efficiency efforts, read the eBook today. Then, learn more on our 5G services and Smart Climate Solutions pages or contact your AT&T Business representative to connect with an expert who knows business.

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