Infographic: How can 5G help me reduce my carbon footprint?

by Zoya Cochran, Principal Content Strategist, AT&T Business

Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing challenges. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 6th Assessment Report, released in February 2022, reaffirms that the most important response to climate change is large-scale reduction in carbon dioxide pollution that drives global warming.1

The good news: Technology can be part of the solution. Specifically, broadband connectivity is helping companies lower their operational greenhouse gas emissions and fortify their businesses for long-term profitability in the face of climate change.

We believe 5G can have a net-positive impact on environmental sustainability. It can help your business reduce carbon emissions and meet regulations for your carbon footprint. By enabling more energy-efficient wireless networks, 5G can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its higher data speeds and lower latency benefit a number of new and emerging data-heavy technologies. These include emissions-reduction solutions as well.

Meeting global climate goals requires immense collaboration. We’re doing our part as a business through the Connected Climate Initiative (CCI). AT&T is working to help expand businesses’ use of smart climate solutions, including 5G, by identifying best practices, exploring new product ideas and use cases, and scaling the innovations of startups.

Our infographic, How can 5G help me reduce my carbon footprint?,” illustrates how 5G can help improve sustainability and reduce carbon emissions for businesses. You’ll learn specific ways that this kind of connectivity can help enhance sustainability in manufacturing, transportation, and smart cities.

Why AT&T Business

AT&T Business is committed to helping our customers reduce emissions at scale through the power of our connectivity. See how ultra-fast, reliable fiber and 5G connectivity protected by built-in security give you a new level of confidence in the possibilities of your network. Let our experts work with you to solve your challenges and accelerate outcomes. Your business deserves the AT&T Business difference—a new standard for networking.

Download our infographic, “How can 5G help me reduce my carbon footprint?”. To learn more, visit our 5G services page or contact your AT&T Business representative to connect with an expert who knows business.

1“Sixth Assessment Report,” Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Accessed September 12, 2023,