Transforming the digital hospital

Digitally evolve the patient experience at your hospitals and clinics to increase satisfaction and create an advantage over competitors.



Empower, educate, and entertain patients and visitors through edge-to-edge technology

  • Schedule appointments and receive text confirmations

    Give patients the convenience of remote appointment scheduling and confirmations to enhance the overall experience and maximize clinical workforce productivity.

  • Transportation services from patient home to provider

    Save revenue and reduce staff down time by offering patients free transportation to appointments via ride-sharing services.

  • Patient authentication and simplified check-in

    Show patients you care about their valuable time and security of their medical information by simplifying the entire check-in process with user-friendly tablets and pre-loaded forms and biometric scans that quickly authenticate their identity.

  • Increase patient and visitor satisfaction with entertainment from DIRECTV for BusinessTM

    Provide patients and visitors with the best in entertainment through DIRECTV for Business in patient rooms and common areas such as waiting rooms and cafeterias.

  • Security

    Few industries are more attractive to hackers than healthcare. Maintaining the trust of your community and protecting your brand equity is vital. With more than 200 petabytes of data crossing our network daily and the use of big data analysis, machine learning, and user behavioral analytics to help protect against cyberattacks, AT&T is uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations secure end-points and protect patient data. 

  • In-facility navigation

    In the era of touchscreens and mobile devices, patients are familiar with accessing information with the tap of a button. Improve their experience during visits with an interactive digital monitor and/or a mobile application to navigate through the hospital and to display educational materials.

  • Patient education

    One way to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes is to help patients fully understand their conditions, procedures, and post-procedure self-care. 

Automate patient intake

Manual, paper-based check-ins at healthcare facilities can lead to delays, overcrowded waiting rooms, and anxious patients. In addition, hospital staff can spend significant time giving navigational assistance or guiding visitors, taking them away from patient care. Now, you can make both easier with AT&T Check-in.

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