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  • Faster upload speeds than cable1

  • AT&T ActiveArmorSM internet security included2

  • Unlimited internet data and equipment included
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Protect your business with additional security features


AT&T internet security with ActiveArmor

Get proactive device safety monitoring that helps stop internet threats like malware, phishing, and fraud on every connected device, even over Wi‑Fi®.

Guards against known threats only. Compatible gateway and Smart Home Manager app req’d. Security features must be enabled.


AT&T Internet Backup

Keep your business protected through power outages with automatic backup connectivity via AT&T 4G LTE. Plus, get unlimited data until the outage is over.

Requires additional monthly charge.

Frequently asked questions

Our crews are working hard to upgrade your area to a 100% fiber optic network that delivers superfast fiber internet speeds.

AT&T Business Fiber® delivers internet powered by our cutting-edge, 100% fiber technology. Light waves transmit data, and fiber optic cable can send higher volumes of information over longer distances than copper cable. This means customers on a fiber network have faster speeds available to them.

Traditional copper internet infrastructure is often shared between multiple homes and businesses, which means that usage in your area can sometimes impact your own internet performance. Fiber optic internet will perform the same no matter what usage rates are in your area.

Fiber optic cables send higher volumes of information over much longer distances than the current copper cables you’re probably used to.

As you connect more devices to the internet, you’ll need higher bandwidth (or capacity) to use all of your devices at once without sacrificing speed. In today’s reality, businesses need to connect laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, security systems, and more—all at the same time. With AT&T Business Fiber 1000, not only will you be able to connect these devices at once, but fast download and upload times will allow you to do more in less time.

To find out if AT&T Business Fiber is available for your business, please check availability. If it's available, feel free to start shopping! If it isn’t, we can notify you if or when it will be.  We’re working around the clock to make AT&T Business Fiber available to more and more customers every day.

Our crews are working as fast and efficiently as possible to make the service available. The timing depends on many case-by-case factors, like geography size and terrain—making it difficult to accurately estimate.

We’re committed to bringing fiber-fast internet speeds to your area, while minimizing the amount of downtime and disruption. This process is designed to avoid any interruption of your existing services, regardless of your provider. While everyone might not choose to sign up, we may still have service vehicles working in and around your location in order to lay the fiber to provide service capability to the entire area.