International Dialing Guide®

Welcome to AT&T's International Dialing Guide. Here you will find the international dialing codes you need to place calls to and from virtually anywhere in the world.

The AT&T International Dialing Guide is easy to use.

Step One:
Select one country at a time from the "dialing from" category and one country in the "dialing to" category.

Step Two:
Click "submit" to see the information you have selected or "clear" to start over. Macintosh* users hold down the Command key. If you have access to a printer on this trip, be sure to print out all the international country calling codes you may need for the rest of your travels.

Please check here if you are using Network Remote Access through your company's toll-free number which can be found on the front of your AT&T Corporate Calling Card.

Select the country you are dialing from

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Calling from Albania to Bahamas

Your Company's
Toll-free NRA Number
NRA Number
Authorization Code
(Corp. Calling Card Number + 4-digit PIN)
Card Number + PIN
Int'l Dialing Prefix
Destination Country Code
Most Freq *
Used City Codes

Dialing example to is:

1-800-551-155 +  NRA Number +  Corporate Calling Card Number + PIN +  011 +  855 +  23 +  Local Number

The mark " ^ " appearing in some AT&T Direct Access Numbers means "await second dial tone".

Wait for a prompt then enter your AT&T Corporate Calling Card Number and 4-digit PIN.

* For additional city code information, please contact the local provider for the country you are calling

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