AT&T Dynamic ExchangeSM

Virtual connection to the cloud and business partners delivered on one network for greater control and scalability.

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Why AT&T Dynamic Exchange?

It’s faster and easier than ever to build connections to send and collaborate.

  • Digital Agility

    Fast, efficient connectivity for the delivery of your network resources where they are needed.

  • Power and Control

    Centralize your network inventory, optimize bandwidth, and maintain a predictable cost through pay-as-you go billing.

  • Optimize Experience

    Cloud-native, intelligent network enables scalability and self-optimization to enhance application performance and ensure low latency.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Network to cloud integration eliminates the need for additional hardware and increases time-to-market.

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Features and details

Features Details
AT&T Business Center portal provides flexible, on-demand provisioning with partners in minutes, not days.
No Contract Required
Improve IT delivery by enabling AT&T Dynamic Exchange on AT&T Business Center as needed with no contract or term commitment required.
Security Built-in
Your connection and data are protected through MPLS and Ethernet private networks with simple integration to AT&T Cybersecurity solutions.
Network Reach and Reliability Access a growing ecosystem of cloud service providers and business partners through the industry-leading, largest fiber network to increase scalability.



It is a virtual network connection that connects your business with the cloud and your business partner using an on-demand, virtualized networking platform. A feature of the AT&T programmable network for creation and co-creation of new digital services, AT&T Dynamic Exchange enables collaboration and agility to accelerate business innovation.

You can share data quickly and securely with the flexibility of connecting for as short as a day or as long as you need. 

Yes. Our AT&T Dynamic Exchange requires an existing AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand or AT&T VPN service.

Our AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand and our VPN can be used with our AT&T Dynamic Exchange, which extends your reach to the cloud and thousands of points of presence nationwide across the U.S.

AT&T Dynamic Exchange allows you to create virtual network connections to the cloud. Visit our Marketplace in Business Center to see participating Cloud Service Providers you can interconnect with. You’ll also be able to interconnect to your business partners, suppliers, and customers on the AT&T network.

To get started, simply go to your AT&T VPN or AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand page on the Business Center portal. Choose the port and partner you’d like to connect to and select AT&T Dynamic Exchange. Then choose desired bandwidth, review terms and conditions, and enter your private digital key that you obtain from your cloud service provider or your business partner. Connection can be established as quick as 15 minutes!

There is no new contract or term commitment required. AT&T Dynamic Exchange Terms and Conditions are embedded into the ordering flow. During this process, the customer will be presented with Terms and Conditions of the new connections to accept.

AT&T Dynamic Exchange is a capability built into AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand and AT&T VPN. Traffic traversing over those networks are private and isolated from the public internet routing. Additionally, the AT&T Dynamic Exchange connection uses VLAN technology to provide traffic separation between this connection and other customer traffic on the AT&T network.

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