A converged network solution

Build a new outlook on how your voice service benefits your bottom line and overall productivity. AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a SIP trunking service that delivers integrated access for IP PBX, TDM PBX or Key System environments, providing potential total cost benefits through the consolidation of voice and data – one provider, single transport, and management options.

Voice and data traffic riding over the same transport drives greater bandwidth utilization and potential access to cost savings. This managed Voice over IP communication solution includes calling plans that support inbound and outbound calling on your data network, giving you local, U.S. long distance, and international reach for your U.S. sites.

SIP trunking one provider, single transport, and management options

Calling plans

AT&T has a variety of calling plans to fit your business needs:

  • The long distance plan (Calling Plan A) provides unlimited on-net calling between your VoIP-enabled sites with competitive per minute long distance and international rates.
  • The local and long distance plan (Calling Plan B) provides unlimited on-net and local calling with competitive per minute long distance and international rates. Supports E911/911 calling.
  • The local and long distance package (Calling Plan C) also provides unlimited on-net and local calling with a long distance package that includes competitive per minute international rates, plus 300 minutes of outbound U.S. off-net calling per concurrent call, aggregated across your enterprise. Per-minute charges apply for usage over the bundled minutes. Supports E911/911 calling.

The IP VPN foundation

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is supported with Dedicated Internet Service and AT&T VPN services, giving you options that support your connectivity and bandwidth needs. AT&T supports a wide variety of access speeds, from a single T1 to Gigabit Ethernet. These services take advantage of our Global MPLS Network, giving you the foundation for seamless voice and data communications across your business.

Virtual telephone numbers

AT&T IP Flexible Reach supports both local and Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs). VTNs enable you to assign a telephone number from virtually anywhere, to a phone that is not physically located within your location’s local calling area. You can establish local visibility within that calling area.*

AT&T Global MPLS Network IP flexible reach for TDM and IP PBXs.

Centralized call delivery and branch office IP PBX extensions

Centralized call delivery allows routing of calls originating from various locations across the country and answering them at your preferred central location.

The branch office IP PBX extensions capability delivers telephone numbers for all your branch office sites and is supported by a single centralized IP PBX located at your IP Flexible Reach site. You can use your existing IP data network to distribute the calls to your branch office sites, which allows you to utilize your IP PBX to support IP phones without additional hardware.

*Limitations do apply to Virtual Telephone Numbers. Please see the BVoIP Service Guide for details on limitations and conditions of use.

To help ensure business-class voice quality, AT&T employs Class of Service (COS), which prioritizes the voice packets over other types of data packets for immediate transport. AT&T engineers perform advanced bandwidth management and implement traffic queuing priorities in the gateway router as part of the deployment process. AT&T IP Flexible Reach helps maximize the efficiency of your communications infrastructure. To help ensure your migration is smooth, we provide design, implementation and lifecycle management.

Consistent performance

Network performance – AT&T provides reliable voice quality. In addition, utilizing COS with 25 different profiles, you can optimize your voice and data application performance.

Service Level Agreements – Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for VoIP service and underlying transport reinforce our commitment to delivering business class voice service.

Web-based reporting – You can utilize the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal. For Web-based performance reporting, call detail reporting, e-ordering, e-bill, and e-maintenance features.

Hardware and software

AT&T provides the elements required to support connectivity with IP PBXs, traditional TDM PBXs or key systems. An AT&T managed router that is deployed with the data service is equipped with the appropriate software and hardware for your service. For your VPN solution, you manage your routers and AT&T can monitor call quality and help with troubleshooting through an AT&T managed smart device on your premises.

AT&T provides the elements required to support connectivity with IP PBXs, traditional TDM PBXs or key systems.

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