AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go

A secure, mobile-first unified communications experience. Take your smartphone and AT&T phone number and extend it to your Webex Calling platform to securely make, receive, and transfer calls using AT&T’s fast, reliable 5G nationwide network.*

AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go benefits

A powerful, integrated, secure network with Webex Go.

Easy to use

Securely make, receive, and transfer calls for a seamless user experience, with crystal clear audio

Easy to manage

Streamline management by consolidating administrative tools and systems with recording, call logs, analytics, and policies for compliance


Enjoy a secure private connection between the AT&T network and Webex servers, no matter the location or the device being used

AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go features

Extend your AT&T smartphone and phone number to your Webex Calling platform

  • Compliance policies

    Recordings, call logs, and analytics enable continued business insights.

  • Single handset

    Remove the need for business and private cell phones with eSiM or Dual SIM options.

  • Single phone number 

    One wireless number across all devices.

    Phone calling pictogram
  • Single voicemail

    Unanswered calls are routed to a single voicemail.

  • Native dialer 

    Make and receive calls from your wireless phone's native dialer.

  • Seamless user experience

    Make, receive, and transfer calls across devices and networks

  • Synced presence status

    User’s presence aligned on all devices and apps even when using  the smartphone’s native dialer

    Sync Pictogram

Key use cases

Organizations that want a single business number for mobile, desk phones, and softphones
  • Single number for Unified Communications as a Service
    (UCaaS) and your mobile phone​
  • Simultaneous ringing on your wireless phone and UCaaS
  • Unified presence shows “in a call” across all devices​
  • Unified call history and voicemail
Organizations with many mobile workers that require instant access to collaboration functionality
  • Switch from mobile audio call to full meeting
  • Invite and collaborate with colleagues, customers, or
  • Access video, chat/message, screen sharing, or
    whiteboard functionality from your mobile device
Organizations within highly regulated sectors that want built-in compliance policies for their mobile workers
  • Mobile users can choose to start recording at any time
    during the call
  • Administrators can set preferences to automatically
    record calls as needed
  • Recordings, call logs, and analytics can be used for
    compliance requirements, customer training, and business insights

AT&T Cloud Voice with Webex Go FAQs

If you or your employee has a smartphone from another carrier, a new SIM and phone number can be purchased and used on compatible smartphone models to deliver the same experience using your new AT&T Wireless cellular calling plan and phone number.

Yes, if the device supports AT&T as the primary calling plan or has an available eSIM or dual SIM slot and is not locked to another wireless carrier.

Many of the same features you would expect from your laptop client or desktop phone including abbreviated extension calling, integrated phonebook, and calling accounting codes. And the best part is it’s easy!  No need to start or run an application to make a four-digit call to your front desk, help desk, or another employee. 

Yes, this service is available now. For more information, fill in the “Request info” form below.

AT&T has robust set of Partner programs you can choose from. Find out more about AT&T Partner Solutions.


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