Improving driver retention at transportation companies

How NAPA Transportation partnered with AT&T to reduce driver frustrations

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Napa Transportation, a family business founded in 1991, has 450 tractors and 400 drivers. From the start, the company was driver-focused but also very technology oriented. When the AT&T Fleet Management solution, powered by the Geotab platform, was selected by Napa, a key priority was involving drivers in making technology decisions. As Jim Brighton, IT Director, sees it, drivers can become advocates for technology, when they are involved early on in mapping out requirements to address their challenges and priorities. The outcome is improved driver productivity, increased compliance with strict ELD requirements, and a boost in driver retention.

Fleet operations are not easy. Operators have to manage large fleets nationwide, with varying vehicles, different site managers, complex technology integrations and hardware compatibility, while enforcing safety and compliance regulations. Drivers are often frustrated by technology that is not easy to use, or when problems they encounter in their daily lives don’t get addressed. Napa Transportation discovered a great example of this through actively listening to their drivers. Drivers seemed to be spending 20-40 minutes per trip trying to locate trailers on large lots and would routinely call in to driver managers to get support. To make this process easier, Napa implemented a Find My Trailer feature in the driver app to guide them precisely to a trailer’s location. Besides making driver trip management easier, AT&T Fleet Management solution simplified communication between drivers and managers, and improved compliance with HOS and ELD regulations. In the past, anything that was compliance related would be passed across departments, including safety and compliance, and this would lead to frustration for drivers as they were expected to support the resolution of issues. The flexibility of the new solution means that drivers can immediately get notifications when safety and compliance rules are violated, so they can take immediate corrective action.

Napa Transportation has a driver retention rate that is about twice the industry average. Their approach of listening to drivers when they make technology choices, and implementing solutions to make drivers’ lives easier, is at the core of this significant competitive advantage they have over other fleet companies.

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