WaveGuide’s connected health device makes waves: Breakthrough technology delivers rapid results to help prevent pandemics


Technology delivers low cost, rapid, point-of-care diagnosis

  • Challenges

    Better ways to diagnose patients and alert public health officials of impending disease outbreaks

  • Results

    Early diagnosis and intervention helps improve patient outcomes, reduces costs, and could help prevent outbreaks from becoming pandemics

  • Solution

    Equipping handheld micro-nuclear magnetic resonance devices with AT&T Global SIM cards facilitates medical data transmission in near real-time

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About WaveGuide Corporation

WaveGuide, a Delaware corporation based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, researches and develops hand-held micronuclear magnetic resonance platform technology. WaveGuide combines proprietary molecular spectroscopy and diagnostic techniques to provide a system to allow diagnosis and analysis, even in remote settings, thereby helping to reduce costs and improve responsiveness to critical patient needs.
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