Metal and glass fabrication

With the arrival of COVID-19, demand for PMG’s sneeze guards and safety glass skyrocketed. At the same time, PMG was launching a new company and trying to transition employees to work from home. They needed to upgrade their voice and data networks.


COVID-19 was about to disrupt all PMG Ventures’ operations

  • Challenges

    Employees needed to stay connected to their customers and one another—and be able to send image files that are up to 20 gigabytes in size. They also needed an easy-to-use phone, fax, messaging, and conferencing system so their teams could collaborate.

  • Results

    Employees at PMG Ventures are able to collaborate from home offices and operate virtually seamlessly. Their highly reliable internet service prioritizes the company’s important network traffic in near-real time so they can transfer large files.

  • Solution

    AT&T Dedicated Internet service delivers all the bandwidth—at the ultra-fast upload and download speeds—that PMG Ventures’ architects, designers, and fabricators need. The company also uses AT&T Office@Hand to be productive in the office and at home.

AT&T Solutions

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Demand for sneeze guards and other custom protective solutions hit the roof

PMG Ventures warehouse full of sneeze guards.

About PMG Ventures

PMG Ventures in Atlanta is a custom designer, fabricator, and manufacturer of food shields for restaurant equipment dealers and food service consultants. It’s the parent company of Premier Metals and Glass, Premier Glass Products, and Vectra Glass. 
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