Per Mar Security Services

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Security is front and center with Per Mar Security Services

  • Challenges

    Always working to enhance security, Per Mar sought better ways to better protect its networks and data from pervasive threats.

  • Results

    Organizations can now deliver lifesaving medications to people in areas made inaccessible by disaster. They can also track the location and temperature of the shipment and receive informative alerts.

  • Solution

    A suite of AT&T cybersecurity solutions helps defend Per Mar against dangers such as breaches, viruses, hackers, malware, ransomware, phishing scams, and more.

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About Per Mar Security Services

A vested interest in keeping communities safe

Smart phone screen showing AT&T Enhanced IP Flexible dashboard.

About Per Mar Security Services

Per Mar Security Services was originally chartered as a security and investigative business in 1953 by John and Eleanor Duffy in Davenport, Iowa. The couple initially ran the business out of their home. Today, still owned by the Duffy family, the company is the largest family owned, full-service security provider in the Midwest. Per Mar Security operates in 13 states with 24 branch locations and 19 satellite sites.
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