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AT&T consultation and connectivity helped the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council launch a mobile 911 center so that emergency calls would be answered even if the coronavirus disrupted operations.


Operational continuity for Kansas 911 call centers during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Challenges

    Even before the novel coronavirus threatened communities the world over, the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council was looking for ways to ensure that emergency calls would be answered, even if one of its 911 call centers had to close for any reason.

  • Results

    Allows police, fire, and EMS crews to respond to calls, even if coronavirus infection temporarily shuts down a 911 call center; continued 911 service to help protect 1.9 million citizens.

  • Solution

    AT&T equipped a police trailer for ongoing response to 911 calls. The solution to the connectivity issue includes a FirstNet Ready Cradlepoint LTE router and a highly dependable backup connection using  FirstNet connectivity so that the law enforcement calls will always receive priority over commercial  traffic. 

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Keeping 911 callers in Kansas connected during COVID-19 pandemic

Female 911 operator standing in front of computer screen and landline phone.

About the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council

The Kansas 911 Coordinating Council is an elite team of hand-picked volunteers with experience in 911 public safety. They are appointed by the governor to monitor the delivery of 911 services and develop strategies for future 911 system enhancements. 
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