Business continuity and disaster recovery

Unforeseen events? We help you restore operations and stay connected.

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Prepare for the unpredictable

Businesses need to prepare for potential disruptions by having backup plans in place. AT&T Business provides continuity services to help keep your essential processes, applications, data, workspaces, and networks running smoothly. Our advanced disaster recovery program enables swift emergency response and rapid restoration of communication.

Business continuity solutions

Services to help you identify, prepare for, and prevent events that may disrupt business processes and activities.

Resilient network

Making the highest-priority points of our network more resilient—AT&T is a leader in preventing major outages.


Prepared to restore communications thanks to one of the largest, most advanced disaster recovery programs in the world.

Key solutions

Business need AT&T Business solution
Get fast internet for remote and hybrid workers

AT&T Business Fiber internet service

AT&T High Speed Internet – Enterprise

Establish diverse network connections for critical business applications 

AT&T Dedicated Internet

Business Ethernet Solutions

Managed SD-WAN solutions

Connect remote locations to business systems quickly

AT&T Dedicated Internet

AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand

Managed SD-WAN solutions

Provide redundant network connectivity using wireless broadband AT&T Wireless Broadband
Let employees access critical information remotely from another device Mobile remote access
Establish alternate facilities where networking equipment and data can be securely stored for emergency use Colocation data center services
Plan for business continuity / disaster recovery scenarios AT&T Consulting and Professional Services
Business need AT&T Business solution
Communicate and collaborate remotely
AT&T Office@Hand
Communicate and access critical data from anywhere
Wireless services
Forward calls to any locations
Business SIP Trunking with AT&T IP Flexible Reach
Provide emergency workforce alerts and messages AT&T Business Messaging
Make emergency group calls  AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk
Reduce impacts of server outages by distributing your content hosted in our streaming and caching EDGE servers Content Delivery Network services
Business need AT&T Business solution
Detect and respond to cybersecurity threats
AT&T Managed Threat Detection and Response
Protect endpoints from attack, even when users are working offline
AT&T Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne
Extend internet protection to remote worker or contractor devices at non corporate sites
AT&T Content Delivery Network - Enterprise Traffic Protector (ETP)
Protect users and devices across all locations while they are accessing the internet
AT&T Secure Web Gateway

Resilient network

  • We’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars with a focus on making our most critical mobility network hubs more resilient.​
  • Critical hubs of our mobility network have 50% more redundant connectivity than the industry standard. ​
  • As a result, we’ve reduced the likelihood of major outages by about 35%. 


With more than $650 million invested in the U.S. and another $15 million invested internationally, our Network Disaster Recovery program is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind. 

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