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­­­­­How we deliver on our promise to you

We're committed to installing solutions right the first time, on time, at the speed of your business

AT&T Business is committed to making sure you get your solutions as promised so you can spend more time moving your business forward and serving your customers. To deliver your solutions faster, we’ve made significant investments to automate and streamline the ordering, delivery, and installation of your solutions.

We're with you in every step

  • Keeping you informed

    We use predictive data analysis and intelligence, based on past trends, to identify potential problems before they become issues.

  • More efficient installations

    Informed and knowledgeable technicians work with your business, helping to make delivery and installation of your solution fast and easy. 

  • Monitoring your orders

    Track your order end-to-end and proactively manage any interruption that might delay the promised delivery date. 

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  • Grow with your business

    We’re there with you to manage changes such as disconnecting your old solutions as your new solutions come online, proactively and efficiently.  

Fast, agile, and efficient for you

Clear and proactive processes and communication

Streamlining communications We ensure that everyone who interacts with your business can view your account details and history, to reduce the number of communications we send. When additional information is required, we communicate these requests concisely and clearly.
Delivery as promised We manage processing delays by monitoring and tracking orders end-to-end. This helps us resolve issues before they impact delivery. 
Process automation balanced with sales rep support We automate processes to be efficient for you. Plus, your sales account team has additional support for your larger deals. The right person from the right team is enabled with the right information to help.
Expedite if needed For some products, you can invest to upgrade your order priority if the time crunch is on. Our dedicated escalation managers will work to ensure your expedited due date is met.
Your timeline is our priority We confirm both your delivery date and technician availability together to ensure we can perform your install on the date you request.

Customer story

Hospital ship connected

  • Challenge:

    Connectivity was required to support a 1,000-bed hospital ship providing COVID-19 medical support.

  • Solution:

    AT&T Business worked tirelessly to perform facility reviews and coordinate fiber crews, engineers, planners, and splicers to meet with the customer and complete system tasks in real time.

  • Outcome:

    The team was ready for testing when the field installation was complete, and they were able to hand over the circuit within two hours of the ship docking.

The support you need, when you need it

Self-service tools always and expert support when needed

To serve your customers without interruption, you’ll need support that’s available around the clock. We have teams available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Expect a support team that cares about your business and is dedicated to resolving problems quickly.


  • More ways for support

    AT&T Business offers a suite of support tools to give you more ways to resolve a question or issue. These include Business Center support, online chat, Express Ticketing, and conversations with a live agent.

  • Self-service tools

    We help empower you to solve issues on your end but are available when you realize you need more help. See transparent, near-real-time status. 

  • Timely progress updates

    You’ll receive timely progress updates using your preferred communication method—either email, call, SMS (text), online, chat, or interactive voice response. We work to quickly resolve your problem, so you can focus on your business.

  • Consistent experiences

    Our modernized platforms, which include ServiceNow as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, have built-in functions replacing multiple behind-the-scenes tools. This ensures consistent experiences across all services within your solution. 


End-to-end visibility into your account

Growing our self-service environment

We are working to provide you:

  • Tools that give you more visibility into your network
  • Ability to perform testing to self-diagnose issues before submitting a ticket
  • Knowledge Bases to help you fix issues you identify through self-testing
Powerful correlation capabilities

We understand the impact major network issues and interruptions can have on your business. Our correlation capabilities enable us to quickly identify the problem and better prioritize restoration efforts.

  • We aim to keep you informed of any network issues before they occur. To help you stay prepared, we proactively inform you of larger network issues impacting your own service, and provide status and updates through to resolution.
  • We can compare your network issues with major events, enabling us to identify and communicate the reason for an outage faster. 
Resolutions from a single point of truth Our SaaS platforms are enabling a robust experience for managing customer incident tickets. These platforms deliver customer data and inventory details all in one location to equip our teams to provide the latest, most accurate information on a ticket.
Know the status of your trouble ticket We’re providing near-real-time information to you about your problem by updating your trouble tickets. We include technician comments, test and troubleshooting results, and technician dispatch information, even enabling you with the ability to find out ‘where’s my technician’ on a map.    

Customer story

Manufacturing outage restored

  • Challenge:

    An executive escalation was received for an outage at a manufacturing site.

  • Solution:

    The Service Assurance Team determined that the outage was due to the cut fiber in the line of a solutions provider. Through partnerships and out-of-the-box thinking, the Service Assurance Team rerouted the customer on an alternate path within the AT&T network, restoring their service 17 hours before the provider was able to repair their fiber.

  • Outcome:

    The Service Assurance Team’s actions demonstrates to its customers that AT&T Business is committed to leaving no stone unturned to find solutions to get their service restored as quickly as possible.

Managed services for next-level support

We’re committed to caring for your business

Technology is complex and changes quickly. It can be difficult to know if you’re making the right communication and connectivity choices. That’s why AT&T Business makes you and your business our top priority. 

  • Customer success program management

    We understand that larger organizations may require more complex technology solutions. We’re here to provide guidance and advice for strategic planning for your business, as well as help simplify the installation and maintenance of your solutions. Our Service Management teams will engage on challenges and implement changes that improve your overall experience.

  • Expert service

    • Offer advice to achieve your business goals
    • Use our technology and industry expertise to assist you with  strategic planning
    • Work with you to implement, change, and address challenges quickly
    • Oversee escalated issues through resolution
  • Providing helpful guidance, service, and support

    Our service managers act as your technical advisors with deep expertise always thinking toward the future of your business and technology—providing helpful guidance, service, and support.

  • Synchronizing your applications

    Large enterprise customers also have the option to eBond with AT&T Business. This powerful technology automatically exchanges data between two applications. That way, our teams are able to better service your business and provide faster, more accurate support. 

Streamlined account management

Simplifying the management of large service accounts

Get help from the first person you contact AT&T Business Service Experience Specialists (customer service agents) are technically skilled and equipped to perform basic triage, remotely access routers, perform connectivity testing, and resolve carrier management and local access issues. They own your incident ticket throughout the repair process, engaging directly with an engineer and managing any needed escalations. This means fewer handoffs and a faster resolution to your ticket.
We hold ourselves accountable through service level agreements (SLA)

Our SaaS platforms enable us to manage one end-to-end SLA plan for your solutions to better meet your service requirements.

  • We want to ensure that the right measures are in place to track your service quality and can be confident you’re getting what you’re paying for.
Streamlined to save you time As we've adopted the industry-leading SaaS solution, ServiceNow, as our post-sale platform, we’ve consolidated roles, streamlined processes, introduced more automation, improved data quality, and enabled more self-service options—all so you can spend less time managing your solution and more time focused on your business.

Customer stories

Insurance carrier cybersecurity

  • Challenge:

    The security team for a home and auto insurance carrier realized they did not have the internal resources required to support their cybersecurity needs. They needed the flexibility to retain certain operational control of the end solution, while also having access to AT&T Security Experts. 

  • Solution:

    They reached out to the AT&T Secure Web Gateway team, who co-managed the operations for the security. 

  • Outcome:

    The solution allowed the company to control the daily changes they wanted to manage. With advice from the AT&T Business security experts when needed, the company also enjoyed the support and overall care and feeding of the platform. 

Home and RV connectivity

  • Challenge:

    Customers wanted a reliable internet solution for RVs. The company created a product and partnered with AT&T Business to provide data service. With the new product, they weren’t sure of the use case or what challenges they may face. They started seeing overages here and there that impacted their costs for the product.

  • Solution:

    IoT Professional Services Enhanced Support provided extra sets of eyes, watching data consumption for overages.

  • Outcome:

    Within weeks the company saw the value. The IoT Enhanced Support Team enabled the business to focus on the development and launch of their new product while we watched for usage that would impact their bottom line. This helped to protect their customer’s satisfaction with their experience, because they weren’t billed additional charges for the unexpected overages.

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