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Transform your smartphone into a business class phone system so you never miss an important call

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What is AT&T Office@Hand Wireless?

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A Cloud PBX for mobile devices

AT&T Office@Hand Wireless is a cloud-based business communication system for mobile devices that provides your smartphone with the functionality of a traditional phone system. With advanced features like auto receptionist, hunt groups, extension dialing, and native business voicemail, AT&T Office@Hand Wireless can improve mobile communications with customers and collaborators.

Enjoy these business benefits

A Cloud phone system to manage your business from your mobile device

  • Be more reachable

    Allow your mobile phone number to also ring multiple phones simultaneously, sequentially, or based on time of day.

  • Greet customers professionally

    Welcome customers with a customized message and transfer callers to an extension without going through a live operator or receptionist.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    Connect callers to the right representative quickly with more ways for customers to reach you on the first try.

  • Scale easily

    Add or change devices or services as your needs evolve.

  • Reduce costs

    Minimize maintenance, support, and CapEx with a Cloud-based service.

  • Work more productively

    Works with AT&T Office@Hand for access to collaboration features such as chat, presence, and conferencing.

Cloud phone system for business mobile devices

Explore advanced phone features for Office@Hand Wireless

Features Details
Auto receptionist Allow inbound calls to be greeted by a custom announcement and routed to the correct department.
Hunt groups Route calls when unavailable, ringing additional users simultaneously, sequentially, or based on time of day, day of week, or specific situation.
Extension dialing Allow 3 to 6-digit dialing to reach a person or department.
Single outbound number ID Utilize the investment of your local number by displaying the company number on all outgoing calls, clearly alerting the called party who is calling.
Business voicemail Receive SMS notifications and .wav files of new voicemails. No app required.
Integrated dialer/native dialer Make and receive calls without the need of an app or special dial codes.
Web portal and reporting Access reports and manage features online.
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Check out the interactive feature tool for insights on how Office@Hand Wireless can help your business never miss a call.

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Office@Hand Wireless uses the native dialer included on your mobile device. Making and receiving calls is handled just like all other calls with which you and your employees are familiar.

Native dialing means the calling functionality is embedded into the dialer on your smartphone, so no app is required to make and receive calls. Users can just dial as they normally would to make a call.

An Auto Receptionist, or auto attendant, is an automated customizable system that answers your incoming calls and routes them to the appropriate resource in your company.  You are probably familiar with calling a business and hearing, “Press 1 for sales, 2 for Billing,” etc.

Office@Hand Wireless is a network-based service and does not require an app to make and receive calls. An app is required, however, to access personal settings, some features, and global address book. Please visit App Store® or Google Play® to download the app.

You must have a business high-definition (HD)/Voice over LTE (VoLTE/5G) mobile phone with AT&T and be within the U.S.


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