Get the most from voice and collaboration solutions with a world-class network

Learn how your network influences the performance of critical collaboration solutions

by Donya Perry, AT&T Voice and Collaboration Product Development Manager

Just as consumers face a dizzying amount of technology choices today, so too do businesses and large organizations. For something as seemingly straight forward as voice and collaboration solutions, you’ll find a number of choices. With so many options, how do you know which will fit your unique business needs?

Further complicating matters is the fact that many providers offer the same voice and collaboration solutions. Which raises the question: Why pick a solution from anyone other than the company that created it? For instance, why get Zoom or Cisco Webex from another technology company when the developers offer it directly?

The power of synergy: What third parties bring to the equation

While it makes sense that a solution’s developers would offer the ideal service and support for their products, that’s not always the case. Zoom and Cisco are world-class technology innovators delivering exceptional products. But there are other factors that can improve a user’s experiences.

Take network performance, for instance.  Conferencing and collaboration tools can sustain meaningful connections with customers. Zoom, Webex, or other solutions don’t exist in a vacuum. Your network plays a huge part in how successful your video and voice interactions will be. Network latency, speed, and reliability will all affect the quality of your experience. Since most collaboration tool providers don’t offer a network infrastructure, you must still find a provider. Some of these providers bundle Zoom, Webex, and other voice and collaboration solutions with their network offerings for your convenience.

An all-in-one package for a single-source solution

It’s easy to see why sourcing collaboration solutions from network providers is a good idea. With a network provider, you’ll enjoy a single point of contact for both network and collaboration solutions, meaning you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors to solve potential service issues. If you’re struggling to connect or if your collaboration solution isn’t performing to your expectations, you can contact a single support team to help get you back on track. 

There are other, less obvious benefits to choosing voice and collaboration solutions from your network provider. Sometimes other network add-on services will enhance your experience, including Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) configurations, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution, or network security. These special network architectures each provide unique advantages over basic connectivity, including boosted performance at the edge of your business’s network footprint and additional security protections.

Network providers can help your business combine these other solutions with a robust network backbone to deliver exceptional performance. Because they control multiple network elements, the provider is ideally positioned to manage your voice and collaboration solution. From provisioning additional speed and bandwidth to troubleshooting bugs, a network provider can help optimize your voice and collaboration solutions by adjusting critical connections.

AT&T Business and voice and collaboration: Get the most from these essential solutions

We have a long history of supporting voice and collaboration solutions. AT&T offers an ideal platform for you to get the most from your Office@HandMicrosoft Teams, or other environments, all on the nation’s fastest network.

We also offer a variety of network add-ons to help customize your build. But even if you don’t use any of them, you’ll still get excellent reliability, low latency, and professional troubleshooting with your service.

In addition, we continue to innovate and improve overall network performance, which ultimately benefits voice and collaboration users.

Here are a few other benefits when choosing us for your voice and collaboration solutions:

  • Supports end-to-end capabilities throughout the nation—and in many areas across the globe
  • Delivers consulting for setup and maintenance
  • Offers competitive pricing

Voice and collaboration services run better when paired with a strong network and managed by an experienced network provider. When you pair conferencing and collaboration apps with services such as an AT&T VPN, AT&T Mobility, or AT&T Security, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our network running in the background.

Now more than ever, voice and collaboration solutions are critical for sustaining business continuity and hybrid work arrangements. With technology changing rapidly and so many options available, sometimes it’s difficult to know which solution is right for your business objectives. That’s why we take the time to understand your needs and explain solutions before making a recommendation.

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