Why 'tech for good' is good for business

Did you know that tech can help save resources while improving efficiencies and more? Find out how.

by AT&T Business Editorial Team

Today, businesses face multiple pressures to make sustainability changes in their
business operations to reduce potential negative impacts on the environment. Regulatory
and compliance laws—plus public perception of companies’ reputations—have businesses
adopting more environmentally friendly practices and examining their initiatives.


But it’s not just external factors that have businesses pursuing sustainability goals. The same new and emerging technologies companies are using to help them make better business decisions, improve efficiencies, save money, and help drive new revenue can also help them to reduce their environmental impacts.

What are the benefits these companies are seeing? And with what technologies are they investing in to achieve them?In our latest white paper, “Why ‘tech for good’ is good for business,” we examine real-life use case examples of what businesses are doing to reach their sustainability goals— and the financial benefits that can come with them. We explore positive environmental effects businesses can bring about through more efficient processes, and we walk through the steps that businesses can take to enable effective sustainability practices.

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