Universal Hotel Liquidators

Universal Hotel Liquidators never misses a deal thanks to AT&T collaboration, tracking and mobility tools. 


Solutions that improve efficiency and support high standards of customer care

  • Challenges

    A furniture entrepreneur wanted to take advantage of every opportunity that came his way, whether he and his staff were working in the warehouse, at a job site, or on a delivery run.

  • Results

    Being readily accessible enables the company to close more deals; receiving and sharing information faster supports responsive customer care and helps grow the business.

  • Solution

    AT&T Collaborate℠ makes it easy for Universal Hotel Liquidators staff and customers to connect with one another, even on the fly. Additionally, the AT&T Fleet Complete® solutions enable the company to track pickup and delivery trucks and provide the best possible service to its clientele.

AT&T Solutions

AT&T provides a flexible hosted solution with voice features and collaboration tools


A hotel liquidator with heart

Hotel room with a writing desk and computer chair.

About Universal Hotel Liquidators

Universal Hotel Liquidators (UHL) is the largest liquidator of quality hotel furniture in the U.S. Founded in 1999 by David White, the company works with major hotel chains such as Marriott, Sheraton, Ritz-Carlton, and Hyatt. UHL has been featured in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the New York Post, and has earned a reputation as a company with a heart. After a trip to Gambia, where White saw firsthand the crushing poverty, he helped form an employment agency that helps Gambians get good jobs on cruise ships and in other industries. UHL also donates beds, desks, and other furniture to improve the quality of life of people in Gambia and other developing countries.

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