What is AT&T Dedicated Internet service?

AT&T Empowers Today’s Digital Businesses with their Own Private Lane to the Internet

Business people collaborating in a conference call with people working remoteCorporate people collaborating with teams working remotely with the help of dedicated high speed internet
Modern business depends on a highly secure, highly reliable internet. Mission-critical systems such as email applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, payroll, accounts payable, and call centers have moved to the cloud. Distributed workforce communicates and collaborates through web-based tools. Customer interactions are conducted through email, web-based contact solutions, VoIP calls, and mobile push notifications. Internet access is the foundation of today’s digital business.

Unfortunately, slow internet connections and unplanned outages make it extremely difficult to execute a successful mission for many companies—large and small. Organizations need lightning-fast, highly reliable internet connections to empower employees with the tools and information required to keep business running competitively in a 24x7 environment.

A dedicated internet connection consistently provides the fastest available speed and service for business. But what is a dedicated internet connection? What companies benefit from this solution? Is a dedicated internet difficult to manage?

AT&T is here to help answer questions and provide solutions.

This guide will discuss:

  1. What is AT&T Dedicated Internet service?
  2. What is the difference between a dedicated internet connection and a standard business internet connection?
  3. How to determine if a dedicated internet connection is a good choice for your business?
  4. How does a dedicated internet connection more securely enable a remote workforce?

What is AT&T Dedicated Internet service?

Servers stacked in racksServers stacked in racks
Dedicated internet service provides private access to the internet, and the connection is only for your business. Rather than sharing a connection to the internet with other nearby businesses, organizations are able to connect directly to the AT&T network, eliminating concerns about peak usage bandwidth constraints that shared lines can present.

A dedicated internet connection provides guaranteed speeds, no matter the time of day or demand. And, connection speeds are symmetric—meaning that download and upload speeds are the same. Symmetric speeds are crucial for applications that send and receive large volumes of data such as high definition video conferencing, multiple broadcasts, or conferences running simultaneously, file hosting and uploads, and sending large data sets between business locations. AT&T Dedicated Internet provides the highest advertised speed and guaranteed uptime, making it a good choice for medium and large businesses who rely on the internet to conduct business.

What’s the difference between a dedicated internet connection and a standard business internet connection?

AT&T dedicated internet service is provided through advanced fiber-optic networks and with the following benefits to your business:
  • Guaranteed bandwidth at the advertised speeds
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Better throughput across the network
  • Priority support and proactive network management
  • Lower latency and network jitter than other connections
  • Superior network uptime backed up by outstanding, real-time support
  • Improved security over shared internet connections

How to determine if a dedicated internet connection is a good choice for your business?

Work desk showing people hands on their laptopsWork desk showing people hands on their laptops
A dedicated internet connection provides the fastest internet connection, highest security, and most reliable uptime. Businesses interested in a dedicated internet connection should consider whether the following scenarios apply to them:
  • Sending large files or large numbers of files daily (e.g., hosting, remote backups, or sending out documents)
  • Video conferencing is a vital business service, with multiple users hosting high definition streams at once
  • Using VoIP phone systems that can experience service degradation during peak hours
  • A central office or several locations hosting files that field teams or remote employees need to access regularly
  • Hosting infrastructure on site that requires static IPs such as web, app, file or email servers
  • Prioritized mission-critical data (CRM data, for example) over other, less-critical traffic (such as web browsing

How does a dedicated internet connection more securely enable a remote workforce?

Recent events and trends in the business world prove the importance of a highly secure, connected workforce. Companies must prepare for remote access for employees outside the corporate firewall. Plus, these resources will need highly secure access for mission-critical business systems.

The bottom line

  • AT&T Dedicated Internet gives organizations their own private connection to the Internet while guaranteeing speeds up to 10 Gbps.
  • AT&T Dedicated Internet connects employees to the web-based tools and information they need to keep the business up and running in today’s digital economy. Highly reliable and highly secure internet is needed for small to large business environments.
  • Companies that depend on web apps and SaaS platforms, transfer large volumes of data between locations or have bandwidth-heavy operations or high-security concerns will benefit from AT&T Dedicated Internet.