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AT&T PAAS: A Cloud Application Platform to Accelerate Development and Deployment

Platform as a Service

Speed up your cloud app development and deployment.

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Whether you're an enterprise developer looking to re-engineer business processes or an independent software vendor (ISV) looking to rejuvenate your bottom line, speeding application development and deployment is critical to success.

That's why you need AT&T Platform as a Service: A complete development environment to build and launch custom applications quickly, run them reliably and manage them easily across the full application lifecycle. As an AT&T Cloud Service, AT&T Platform as a Service can also deliver the high performance you need and the low per-user price you want.

Provision simply with Platform as a Service

AT&T Platform as a Service provides cloud-based, self-service tools to help you:

  • Sign up for AT&T Platform as a Service online
  • Provision the virtual resources you need
  • Create a development environment within minutes
  • Avoid long procurement cycles
  • Reduce capital equipment expenses

Jumpstart development on a cloud application platform

The Era of The Mobile Cloud Has Arrived

Cloud delivered on any device. See how AT&T can help your business.

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With AT&T Platform as a Service, you can develop applications using our online Application Development Environment GUI or standard development tools (IDE, Eclipse). Our easy-to-use cloud application platform can help you:

  • Speed development with 50 pre-loaded, customizable templates
  • Build applications without writing a single line of code
  • Quickly automate, change and support a wide range of business processes
  • Enable non-traditional developers to build applications

Rely on a scalable, high-performing network with PAAS

As a fully managed application platform for running and consolidating software applications and databases in the cloud, AT&T Platform as a Service includes:

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  • A virtualized, scalable infrastructure of application and database servers
  • Performance, reliability and security of the AT&T network
  • Network, server and storage infrastructure management
  • 24x7x365 infrastructure monitoring and support
  • Built-in redundancy and security of AT&T Internet Data Centers

Manage, adapt and mobilize with Platform as a Service

Since business change is unpredictable, you need a way to quickly modify applications in response. The web-based AT&T Platform as a Service portal can help you:

  • Access and manage your application environment from nearly anywhere
  • Quickly adapt forms and fields within the application template
  • View activity reports to identify improvement areas

With a cloud-based application platform, long development and deployment cycles can be a thing of the past.

To extend the value of this application platform, AT&T also provides tools for building mobile applications and embedding presence, collaboration and social networking capabilities into custom applications.

Streamline the application lifecycle today

Whether you're trying to launch a new application to get a leg up on the competition or improve a business process for impatient users, AT&T Platform as a Service can help you streamline development and deployment now and ease the entire application life cycle as you move ahead.

Find out more about AT&T cloud services and application consulting services.

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As you consider AT&T Platform as a Service, here are some questions to think about:

Do you have capital constraints?

If capital equipment investments are out of the question now, AT&T Platform as a Service can be a good solution for you. Instead of building your own infrastructure to develop and deploy your new applications, you access virtualized server and storage resources in the AT&T cloud. You reduce upfront and ongoing infrastructure costs and pay a monthly per-user fee for an application development platform.

Do infrastructure delays put development activities on hold?

Application developers can often get stuck in a holding pattern while IT procures and implements the supporting infrastructure – but that can put revenue opportunities on hold, too. With AT&T Platform as a Service, you can quickly access a ready-made virtual infrastructure in the cloud to start your development projects without delays.

Do long application development cycles inhibit innovative ideas?

If your ideas for new application never come to fruition because they’re too costly or time-consuming to code and test, the pre-loaded customizable software application templates available with AT&T Platform as a Service can help put your ideas in motion.

You can develop applications without writing a single line of code. A browser-based GUI also helps you build and deploy web-based applications for a variety of devices and platforms. Further, the easy-to-use templates extend development capabilities to non-developers, like line of business managers, to free your development team for other projects.

If you need assistance in building your custom application, the AT&T Professional Services team can provide the application development expertise you need to get your project going or see it through the development cycle.

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Service delivery

AT&T Platform as a Service makes deployment easy and fast. You can order online today:

  • Go to the AT&T Platform as a Service portal
  • Provide payment information
  • Choose the AT&T Platform as a Service package you want
  • Start developing your application within minutes
  • Upgrade your chosen package as you shift into production or grow

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If you want to accelerate application development and deployment without delay, order AT&T Platform as a Service online or contact us today.

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