Cybersecurity consulting services

AT&T Cybersecurity consulting offers planning services that address the essentials of security with a multi-layered approach.

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AT&T Cybersecurity consultants can help guide your journey to cyber resiliency

  • Gain a trusted cybersecurity advisor

    As a leading provider of cybersecurity consulting services and networking solutions, AT&T offers a unique vantage point and expertise in helping organizations to tackle new transformative opportunities with cybersecurity from the start. 

  • Accelerate risk and compliance goals

    AT&T has the experience and expertise with over 1500 security professionals, 8 SOCs worldwide and world-class thought leaders to help you deal with the myriad security requirements in your organization’s current landscape. 

  • Align cyber risk to business goals

    We can help reduce your cybersecurity burden and maintain focus on your organizational objectives. AT&T provides a rich ecosystem of cybersecurity technologies and strategic alliances, global oversight, and threat intelligence to help protect your entire enterprise.

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  • Be ready for what’s next

    With AT&T Cybersecurity’s experience and expertise on your side, you can build your security architecture, make informed cybersecurity decisions and help improve your resilience in the face of ever-growing cyber threats. 

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Consulting services we offer

A modernized services approach to cyber risk and resilience


Cyber risk advisory

We offer risk advisory services to help customers get a handle on current cyber risk posture and implement the security improvements they seek to make. These help you evaluate and improve your existing security governance — including data privacy, third-party risk and IT regulatory compliance needs and gaps — against your business challenges, requirements and objectives.

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Cyber operations

We help organizations architect, implement, manage, and advance their cybersecurity capabilities and operations—all to protect and support their missions and businesses. We are ready to meet your teams where they are today to help prepare for the threats of tomorrow, identifying attacks early in the lifecycle, limiting their impact.


Cyber as a service

It’s time for a new take on protecting the organization: providing for day-to-day resilience as well as a proactive, pragmatic, and strategic approach that considers risk and security from the onset. As part of Cyber as a service we provide subscription-based services designed to support an ongoing cybersecurity program.

2022 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report

Securing the Edge.

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2021 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report

SASE Readiness Consultation

AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting offers an end to end SASE advisory service, covering the basic requirements of SASE all the way through architecture and deployment guidance.

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Cybersecurity services and products

Holistic solutions to help enhance your cybersecurity maturity

Cybersecurity Resources

Learn about our cybersecurity consulting services

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