AT&T Carrier Ethernet Services

Serve your customers local to global

AT&T Carrier Ethernet: Fast, familiar, and flexible connectivity
Build a foundation for dependable, lightning-fast performance.  Make AT&T your Ethernet service provider and seamlessly support essential voice, video and data applications while providing a vital on-ramp to the Internet and your VPN network. Choose from a range of bandwidth and configuration options that reach gigabit speeds, and count on AT&T Ethernet service enabling you to meet virtually any challenge.

Design a network flexible enough to run large, diverse applications across town, the state or even globally.
AT&T delivers you an award-winning portfolio of feature-rich Ethernet services designed with your customer’s needs in mind. Our extensive product set runs the gamut covering switched Ethernet, dedicated Ethernet, dedicated Ethernet private lines, and a global Ethernet WAN offer.

Enhance your core capabilities with AT&T Carrier Ethernet
AT&T Carrier Ethernet is a highly secure, ultra-fast networking technology that can help organizations:

  • Connect any combination of sites including metro, regional, national or global
  • Get efficient, high-performance access to other networks
  • Control costs by incorporating Ethernet with existing equipment

With a broad range of endpoints you get service where your network needs it:

  • Including network coverage in 360+ metro markets and global VPLS in 38 countries, including U.S.

Use the AT&T resilient global network to deliver:

  • State-of-the-art SONET and WAVE optical networks
  • Reliable access to Internet, VPN and wide area networks

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  • AT&T Switched Ethernet Service

    Ethernet is the predominant computer networking technology on LAN’s (Local Area Network) today. It’s familiar, easy to use and very compatible with the computers, desktops and other equipment in your office.

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  • Connect with Ethernet

    AT&T Ethernet Services are available in several configurations and bandwidths and are an easy choice for your data networking needs. This easy to carry brochure explains the differences between service types along with diagrams and a matrix.

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Case Studies


  • Move Beyond Your LAN with Ethernet Services

    Ethernet services are common to many Local Area Networks and are growing in popularity for use in Enterprise networks. In addition to being familiar and easy to use, Ethernet can deliver fast speeds, is versatile and is widely available. Watch this short video and see why Business Ethernet is such a fast growing technology.

    Video | [3:08]



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